Terms & Conditions for All Affiliate Partners 

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Terms and Conditions of All Affiliate Partners

Hello Affiliate Partner! We are so excited for you to be a strong and important part of Financial Outlyers.

This page will answer many questions you may have. After you read it, if you have any questions, feel free to email our Director of Affiliate Marketing, Franklin Betha. You may reach him at [email protected] . Please allow 72 business hours for a response.




I. Onboarding Process

 Once the form below has been read, agreed, and checked & submitted, your signup form will be sent to you. Then you will have access to your Affiliate Portal, and we will be notified the process is completed. Within 72 business hours we will send your personal sell link. You will not be able to sell tickets until you have the personal sell link, so make sure you look out for the email. If you do not receive it in this timeframe, please email us after checking your spam. Get familiar with your Affiliate Portal, this is where you can track your progress.  

ia. Affiliate Portal

We can see your progress and the amounts you are owed based off the sale of your personal sell link. If you are having an issue with your portal or compensation, please give us 72 business hours to respond and correct the issue if that is what's needed.

For any concerns or problems about your compensation, please email Franklin Betha at [email protected].¬†

If you have a compensation issue, please notate that in the email header by titling the email "COMPENSATION ISSUES."

 ib. Ranking Structure & Links

CLICK-IT Restrictions. * Note: 30 Day Click-It Restriction is Affiliate Marketing Standard.

DISCOUNTED TICKETS: If a ticket is sold by an Affiliate Partner (at any level) and a discount is given, the Affiliate's commissionable act is always calculated by the actual cost the ticket was sold for.  All discounts must be inside the Affiliate's personal sell link generated by Financial Outlyers ONLY!


All Tier Ranks Click-it Conversion rate is set at 30 DAYS. Since each month there is a different event, each event you will receive a new Personal Sell Link that is connected to the "current event."


Another way we show our higher performers appreciation is creating our Kitty. The Kitty is at the end of the even. The Kitty ranges from monetary to merchandise and can have from one to several winners. The Kitty is announced 14 business days after the event's compensation is released. 

The qualifiers for the Kitty will vary per event. The qualifiers will be at the discretion of the CVO/ Director of AM of Financial Outlyers. All decisions of the Kitty are always at the discretion of the CVO/Director of AM. The qualifiers of each Kitty will be announced when the winner(s) and prizes are released by the Director of Affiliate Marketing.

Winners of our Kitty is announced on the Affiliate Marketing community inside of Kajabi. The winner(s) of the Kitty will also be announced to all Affiliate Partners in an email address to include all Affiliate Partners. If you would like to opt-out of the Kitty, please send us an email before an event is completed.

*The Click-It Restriction is how long your customer has to purchase the ticket before it is no longer a commissionable event for you. 

id. Disclaimer: LINKS DIRECT & CONNECT.......

For Now,

If your customer clicks an Affiliate's share (personal) link but purchases the offer on a different browser, or on a separate device, or clears their cache & cookies in their browser, the Affiliate will not be credited with the commission value. This also applies to if a different Affiliate Partner sends your customer a link and they purchase from their link, this is not a commissionable sell for you.

It is your commission, so we see no problem in you encouraging your customer to click on your personal sell link within the 30 days.  Just make sure you are expressing this with professionalism that represents Financial Outlyers' brand in a positive light. If we, Financial Outlyers, find your behavior concerning, ticket sells or customer interaction contradictive to our beliefs or brand, we will terminate your ability to sell with us or remain an Affiliate Partner. If this were to happen, you will be emailed.  

 II. Each commission rate is based on ticket sells volume per that event. We have multiple events in a month, but each calculated commission is calculated and paid out per event not by the month. So if you sold for TWO events you would be paid twice.

"current event" is the event that is going on until it is completed. When an event becomes the CURRENT event, it will always be emailed to you in a group Affiliate Partner email. Keep in mind, some events will mostly likely sell at the same timeframe. The Purchase now button on the Event Calendar page will not appear until the tickets officially go on sale for that event. Once the event tickets go on sale, the event's detail information will be on the Current Event Details page. So, it is most likely, more than one event at a time will be on the page.  


We are about financial growth for our Affiliates too.


III. Payment Schedule & Method

We pay our Affiliates through Melio. On behalf of Financial Outlyers, Melio will email you and request you to fill out the information for ACH so we can send your payment to you via Melio. Melio will take care of the rest.  Your documentation management is collected and managed by Melio. We do not have access to that information. Your money will be deposited through Melio directly into your bank account. 

****All payments will go through Melio...no exceptions! You will receive an email from Melio that will inform you what time to expect the payment to drop and how much it will be.

Your ACH transaction will show-up as "Financial Outlyers Melio CCD" on your bank statement.

Our customers ticket sell is via Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe, and PayPal. There may be sometimes when we are not accepting PayPal. 

We also accept  Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service, Afterpay.

 This is exciting as it will increase the volume of sales and allow people who really need the information the ability to attend the event.

You will be paid within 33 days after the event closes. There will be a post in your Affiliate Marketing Community. 

We wait 33 days to make sure all payments have cleared. PLEASE NOTE: If one of your ticket sales try to deny the charges after the event and we are not able to process that payment, that goes against your sells volume, and it is not a sellable commission event.


All Affiliate Partners are responsible for their amount of taxes to the IRS. Every Affiliate Partner will be required to fill out a W-9 and we will have a 1099 filled out on them. All Affiliate Partners' income generated at $600.00 and above annually in a calendar year will be reported to the IRS.

 V. Affiliate Partner Conduct 



We do not give refunds for our events. But we will try to see why the customer is unhappy and how we can resolve this issue other than refunds. If your customer has an issue with the ticket or event for whatever reason, please send an email to our¬† Director of Affiliate Marketing, Franklin Betha at [email protected]¬†

PLEASE STATE THE PROBLEM AS THE SUBJECT LINE. If you do not follow these instructions, it could lead in a delay of your response. Please allow 72 business hours for a response.

VII. Changing of Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of the Affiliate Partner can change at any moment. If there is ever a need for change of terms and condition, you will be notified in a group Affiliate Partner email. 

Please review Our Terms and Conditions and Policy and Privacy pages for the entire website.



Dear Affiliate, thank you again for being a part of our company.


We picked Melio as our payment gateway because of their confidential, smooth and timely transactions for you to be paid. We are also big on our partnership with Melio because they afford us the ability to pass more compensation onto the affiliate than pay fees to a company.
Once you submit your form to be an Affiliate with Financial Outlyers, here are the next steps:
You will receive an email from Melio on behalf of Financial Outlyers. This email will invite you to sign-up cost-free in Melio so we can send payment to you. So, make sure your email you register with for your personal sell link with Financial Outlyers is accurate.
Please allow 72 business hours after you sign up with Financial Outlyers to receive your email from Melio on behalf of Financial Outlyers. If you have not received it after 72 business hours, please email Jackie Todd, our¬† Chief Business Officer, at [email protected]¬†


Melio will email you and request information for your payment information so we can pay you directly in your account. Melio manages your document security for payment. Financial Outlyers nor any other business has access to the payment information you submit to Melio. This is the same payment method we pay our staff members with. 
¬†We always welcome your feedback on how we can make the Affiliate Program better. Don't hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]¬†

Register to become an Affiliate with Financial Outlyers and receive your

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"Once you submit this form," the next screen will ask for your PayPal email. We NO LONGER PAY OUR AFFILIATES VIA PAYPAL, so submit the email that you want to be informed about your pay and NOT your PayPal email. Which can be the SAME AS THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU FILL OUT BELOW...YOUR CALL!


By submitting this form, it constitutes you have read and agreed to all the Terms and Conditions for all Affiliate Partners of Financial Outlyers, 2024