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Donations will begin March 2024

We are very excited about our philanthropic partnerships. 

Our Staple Charity is charity: water.



Every time you purchase a virtual event ticket, $10.88 goes toward charity organizations/movements. 


Charity: Water

Financial Outlyers will donate $6.88 of every ticket sold to charity: water. 

Please check out our philanthropy page for charity: water  ...Their work is truly amazing and is saving lives all around the world by providing clean & safe drinking water.

You can follow along with us! Our goal amount for this charity is 1.5 million. We show the actual donated amount as we go along. Checkout their page on our site for these details. 


GRIT Freedom Chairs

Financial Outlyers will donate $3.00 of every ticket sold to our internal grant for GRIT Freedom Chairs.

GRIT freedom is not a Non-Profit organization, but they provide recreational wheelchairs they affectionately call Freedom Chairs. These chairs help people participate in activities like, going through the grass at the park, going to the beach riding over sand, and rough terrain as found in areas like when people go hiking. 

 We work with GRIT on an application bases for children up to 26 y/o to help fund these amazing chairs. 

Our first goal amount for this grant is a sum of $150,000.


Local Charity

Financial Outlyers will donate $1.00 of every ticket sold to a local charity in Jacksonville, Fl.

 The recipient for donation will be announced at our Charity Gala on December, 7 2024.


Once our local charity is chosen, we will also announce on our site a page all about them. 


Stay connected for details about our upcoming internal grant that will be released for female entrepreneurs.


 Our Philanthropic Vision Plan is to be active with 10 charity organizations and 5 internal grants by 2026


At Financial Outlyers we believe generosity is gratitude in motion!

This belief system requires philanthropy to be a major goal of our company.

Having philanthropic deliverables are just one way to leave our carbon footprints in the world! 


  Join Our Philanthropic Works, Take a Sneak Peek at our Potential Next Five Charity Organizations & Projects.


    1. Kaboom. Kaboom specializes in creating Play Equity for children by building playgrounds in financially underserved neighborhoods.

    2. Undergrad Education Scholarships.

    3. Donation Projects to increase elementary technical resources.

    4. The J. Babydoll Scholarship. This scholarship helps children be able to participate in sports, extra curriculum, and afterschool care.

    5. Paralympic Scholarships. 

    Last but not least, our Internal Grant for Female Entrepreneurs.