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David M.

Truck Driver & Crypto Investor

"Staying current on Blockchain Technology & the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem is a must for me. Kymmie's events help me expand my knowledge in this innovative asset class."

Jamal P.

Restuarant Business Owner

"My grandfather created generational wealth. I have to be this type of man for my family. Financial Outlyers has different topics that help me accomplish this goal."

Joycee F.

RET. Navy Senior Chief - 25yrs

"I am a big fan of easy. I show up at an event and make my decisions from the experts' information. Financial Outlyers' research team does my heavy lifting.  And I am not quick to impress! "

Debb & Donn B.

RET. Office Rep. & QA Engineer

"My husband & I found ourselves needing elder care resources overnight. When I saw Kymmie's love for elderly care & philanthropy, I knew I had to be apart of this wonderful company."

Darryl C.

RET. Army War Veteran

"I was determined to learn what asset protection meant. Financial Outlyers helped me build my confidence and knowledge to properly provide this level of protection for my family."

David D.

Salesman & Investor

"Generational wealth wasn't a topic in my childhood. I am only 34, but I am preparing for my future to create a diverse portfolio with the talent Financial Outlyers brings to their events."

Carla & Brian A.

Entrepreneur & Welding GM

"Will vs Trusts,  understanding Asset Protection, staying out of probate court and legacy wealth are topics that have personally impacted my family. Financial Outlyers has platforms for experts who bring clarity to these subjects.

Betty H.

RET. Community Leader

"What I love about Kymmie's events is I am not excluded at 81. I have Bitcoin and I leave ALL the research to Financial Outlyers so I can spend time doing what I want to!" It's not too late.

William H.

Business Mgr. & Investor

"IRA & Real Estate strategies create financial leverage. Having the appropriate estate, burial & survival benefits planning are just as much apart of financial leverage too. Kymmie's events deliver a safe platform to gain knowledge on these subjects." 


Jacqueline & Mom

RET. Navy Sr. Chief - 27yrs & Rep

"My mission is to care for my lovely mother. The laws & resources for Elder Care in the USA are hard to understand. Financial Outlyers is a critical partner in creating our best plan. You can have one of the greatest careers in the world, and still need information."

Rose H.

HR Executive & Investor

"As an executive, I understand creating strategic plans. Having access to this level of professionals help me strategically expand my financial goals."   

Shelly H.

Retail Business Owner & Trader

"As a trader, it is important that I take analytical approaches to make my trades. As a business owner I have to use the same mindset. The business techniques & knowledge they bring to the table are game changers."